Uplifting Voices of Unity

Uplifting Voices of Unity


The mission of our “Uplifting Voices of Unity” is to create an inspiring, peaceful, fun, and educational experience to foster unity. The concept of combining different art forms created by people from different backgrounds and ancestry is an expression of how all of us contribute to the colorful, diverse, and robust humanity of which we are all a part. 


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What to Expect


Our professional artists are bringing unique and inspiring performance experiences to people through music, dance and poetry.


We, currently in partnership with Southeastern Behavioral Health​, are bringing creative workshops to local schools to create more opportunities for children to cultivate their artistic abilities and learn how to introduce music and arts into their daily life as a healing and creative companion during the ups and downs of life. 


For both performative and educational activities, we engage the participants in discussing specific topics each time to practice "learning from each other" and "being respectful of different voices around us in the community". We want to encourage people to speak in their unique voices. We also hope through our events, we would help uplift the voices of the people who are less heard in the community.

Event Photos

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Violinist Yi-Chun Lin
Dancer Angelina Gibson
Photographer Laura Engebretson


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Dancer Jayci Holsing and Angelina Gibson
Photographer Laura Engebretson

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The journey is just beginning. Stay tuned!

Dancer Kirtana Krishna Kumar
Photographer Laura Engebretson