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We want to create a platform for musicians and people with creative visions in
Sioux Falls and the surrounding area to introduce all the wonderful chamber music, as well as new music composed by living artists and musicians to a vast audience. Music is a living thing. We should certainly value the artists who still breathe in the world we live in as we can still interact with them to create a deeper meaning out of a piece of music/art work.
Holding the belief that great music can come from all different types of collaborations between various types of artists, we value the importance of the interactions between the performers and the audience. We seek opportunities to present music in a more lively way without the constraint of a certain type of venues.
Similar to the old days in Europe, amateur musicians and music lovers loved to hang out with their old friends over a cup of tea and some music noodling/appreciation activities, it is time for more people around Sioux Falls to have an easier access to this intimate and more interactive form of experiencing music.

OUR GOALs . . .

We are using chamber music as our intimate form of presenting our performances. Our main goals are to -
  • INSPIRE people to think outside the box
  • UPLIFT voices of people of differences
  • SHOW people how to use their artistic voice to lead a more fulfilling life

Music and art belong in our daily life, and we are making our performances and projects more accessible to all walks of lives.
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