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MUSIC OVER FEAR is a new online music series, through which we are releasing fun & beautiful music videos online from our past performances through our Youtube channel. New videos will be made and released upon listeners' requests, feedback, and support.


We want to create a HAPPY CORNER, where people can recharge and reconnect with themselves through music and art.

We are also raising funds for our EDUCATIONAL videos, in which we will invite various types of professional artists to talk about unique instruments, different musical/artistic styles, and creative ways for people to learn music and art. 

What Do You Want to Know?

We are starting conversations with YOU through our online platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, our website contact form, and Instagram/Twitter posts. Leave a comment or send us a message to let us know WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW about anything music/art related. We have a big database of professional artists who can help solving the puzzles WITH YOU! 


Do you have some creative ideas? Talk to us! We are currently developing some very cool collaborations and projects digitally with some inspiring professional artists! Talk to us or STAY TUNED! :)


SFCMC Youtube channel:


Link coming soon.



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